5 Reasons why I love Awana

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

1. The kids say funny things. For instance we were playing a groups game where they had to come up with the names of the 12 disciples. One kid shouts to his team, "Job! Job was an disciple!!!"
2. It helps me to memorize Scripture better! When I am helping a kid learn their Awana verse I usually end up learning it to! And if a child is really struggling with a verse I have to think up new ways to help them memorize it which also helps me to memorize.
3. It is convicting! Some of the knowledge questions that they ask the kids I can't even answer. So it lets me know that I need to go back to the basics sometimes!
4. We get to share the Gospel with kids who might not have heard it otherwise. Our church has a bus ministry that goes and picks kids up bring them to our church. A lot of the kids come from rough homes so they really need the Gospel.
5. It is preparing me to be a parent. Many of the kids who come to Awana have no discipline in their life so they don't know that they are supposed to close their eyes and not talk or run around during prayer. So we get to teach them how to act in church, and while this is so so frustrating at times it really is good practice for me for when the baby comes out and isn't so obedient. :)

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