Poor Sadie

Monday, March 16, 2009

So taking Sadie to the groomer costs us like 45+ dollars each time we take her. So... We decided to cut her hair ourselves. She is wiggly so it was hard. She looks ugly. But in our defense she always looks ugly after a hair cut.

In this one you can really see how bad her ears look.

And if that all wasn't traumatizing enough for our poor dog, we are taking her to get spayed tomorrow. Yikes. Poor Thing.


Joy said...

aww... speaking of dogs... sadie's looking... good! heehee.

yeah, i understand the responsibilities that come with a dog, but, i think it will be worth it. i get soooo lonely!

hope you guys are doing well!!! :-)

Amy said...

Haha! Poor Sadie!

Keri Ronk said...

Haha Joy! I know you would know the responsibilities.. :) I just wanted to make sure you know. Because I am still surprised at the messes they make :)

Keri Ronk said...

Also, You should get one that doesn't need to get its hair cut!

KMom said...

She is still so cute no matter what. Give her and Tyson a treat from me. X O

Joy said...

yeah, that's probably something i won't be looking forward to. the mess. aaaannnd we live upstairs. so it would be interesting.

but it seems i am falling into the stereo-typical pattern of married couples. 1.get married, 2. get a dog, 3. have a........ haha. oh lawdy. ahhhh. maybe i should't get a dog!??! ;-)