Couples Retreat Pictures!

Monday, March 2, 2009

The couples retreat was really fun! We didn't have great weather but the messages were really good. All of the messages followed the theme of building a Heavenly home here on earth. We did get to go to P.F. Changs and Red Robin while we were down there which was definitely a treat! Here are some photos of us playing some of the games

This is Brian playing the chubby bunny game where you keep adding marshmallows to your mouth and then say chubby bunny without eating the marshmallows. They were supposed to say I love Jesus instead of chubby bunny though. But Brian wanting to be funny said I am allergic to marshmallows.

This game was pretty gross. I almost gagged quite often and could not look most of the time.

He does have a big mouth to fit all the marshmallows in but he laughs alot which is why he didn't win :)

This is me trying to pass a lifesaver on a toothpick to Michelle. The girls team won both times!!

Here we are on our balcony. The hotel was really nice this year all of the rooms were suites that had a separate living room and bedroom!
This is a sign we saw on the ice cream shop next to Krispy Kreme (They were hot!) Anyways its just funny to me because you obviously don't have to be able to spell to work here!


Amy said...

John loves the accepting aplications sign lol!

Amy said...

Yay! I have a real name! (say in a Pinochio voice)