Im Pregnant

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

did you all know that? Some days it just hits me and its like whoa we are actually going to have a kid.

Yesterday I went to a Belly Basics class on base and they just talk about everything that goes on during pregnancy. We watched a video that shows what happens from conception on. It was truly amazing. I dont understand how you can see how something like that occurs and not believe in God. His handiwork is so amazing.


Bekah said...

I remember during my third trimester with Hannah specifically thinking, "This is really happening! I cannot change my mind and back out of this! This baby is going to have to come out, they aren't just going to hand it to me, I am going to deliver this baby! AHHHHH!!" But that was more of a panic attack then an awe inspiring view of

Keri Ronk said...

haha I am sure the panic attack will follow soon. You see I was watching someone else deliver a baby in that video :)