28 weeks!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Wow! I am officially in the third trimester! That is so crazy! I have set up appointments for all of the birthing classes and all that, which will happen in June! We got a call yesterday that our crib and dresser came in and we can go pick it up! I am so excited! Of course, we wont get to take it out of the box until we get the new carpet installed... but still I am so excited!

Here is the picture of all of the finished pottery from my party! I just love it!

Sorry I have been a bad blogger! Blame the Vampires, they have been taking up all of my free time :). haha... I have been reading the Twilight Series.... They are super addicting! I finished the third one yesterday and I wouldn't let myself start the fourth one today, so that I could catch up on chores.... I can't wait to get started on it though!!


Steph said...

Best. Butter. Dish. Ever! ;)

Keri Ronk said...

I know! Sorry I couldnt show your flowers that you did on the bottom! It is already being used for butter! I love it!