The Nursery beginning to take shape!

Monday, May 18, 2009

We still haven't gotten the new carpets in, but since we only had 7 days to inspect the crib and dresser after picking them up from JCPenney we thought we (Brian) would set them up to make sure they were okay. I think that the room is looking so good! I am in love with the paint color, and I am really glad that we went with the dark wood, it goes great with my fabric... speaking of fabric, anyone want to come over and make my crib bumper for me??? Or at least make the cuts for me?

We did end up getting the La-z-boy off of cherrypointyardsales that I had mentioned earlier. Its super comfy but it is huge, so we aren't really sure exactly where we should put it in the nursery. I am glad that we got it though because it will last us forever since it is a recliner and not just a rocking chair for the nursery.

Okay well off to bed for us... we were at Mike and Rosa's really late last night watching "Taking Chance" w/ Kevin Bacon. Its a movie about a Marine who escorts a fallen marines body home. Its good. It definitely made me cry. But since we stayed to watch it, Brian only got to sleep from 1-5 am.... yikes!

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Amy said...

Aw! Cute! I love the color too!