Is it weird?

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

That I find driving in the rain very relaxing and calming? lol I know it sounds weird but maybe its just because it reminds me of Washington.

I went to Christy's house today. I haven't been able to figure out the buttonhole attachment on my sewing machine so she was going to try to help me figure it out. I think my machine has a malfuncton because we just couldn't get it to work. So I borrowed her sewing machine to make the buttonholes on my duvet cover (that I started ages ago). My project list is seriously dwindling down now that the duvet and crib bumper are finished! I will try to post pictures of both of those projects tomorrow.

In other news, I am giving up on the homemade shampoo. I feel like my hair just got too greasy feeling throughout the day using that compared to "regular" shampoo. It has been so humid and hot lately that I do not need anything to make me look like more of a grease ball than I already do so I guess it is back to buying the expensive natural organic stuff.

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Steph said...

Have you thought that maybe it's just your body chemistry while pregnant?

A friend of mine, while she was pregnant, washed her hair with Dawn it was so greasy -- unlike anything she'd ever experience. I'm not saying you're a greaseball or anything, but you might want to try it again a few months after Kenley gets here and your body calms down again. =)