33 Weeks (Yesterday)

Friday, June 12, 2009

I have pretty much become a sloth. lol. but seriously everything tires me out now.

I have been going through the milk lately too. I bought a gallon on Wednesday and today there is only 1/3rd of the gallon left. I never used to be a huge milk drinker (unless it was chocolate) but now I cant get enough!

I measured around my belly last night and it was 38 inches. I measured again just a second ago and it was 40 inches! lol but I think that is because I just went out to lunch with Brian and some of his Marines and I had alot of pizza. :)

Oh and I cant wear my wedding ring anymore. It is just so hot here that it has become so tight on my finger and I am scared that if I dont stop wearing it now that they will have to cut it off of my finger. Seriously crazy as it is that is one of my biggest fears about pregnancy.


Emma said...

You look so good and so adorable! I hated when I couldn't wear my ring anymore either. You could wear it around your neck on a chain though if you wanted!

Emma said...
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Emma said...

I have a blog question...how do you add recipes, and then a link to them?? help!

Keri Ronk said...

where it say add & arrange page element you can add a link list. once you post the recipe you can add the link to that post. Does that make sense?

Emma said...

I did it! Thanks! :)

4 Wolfs said...

Hey love! You are super cute! I wish I was there with u! Now you make me want to come home!