Camp Was Awesome!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Seriously, I can not believe that it is already over. I want to go back now!!! It was hot but it wasn't nearly as hot as they had predicted that it would be, we think that was because we had so many people praying that I wouldn't go into labor that God kept the weather nice. :)

Here's our girls!
Rick Cash (Stephen's uncle) was the speaker, He does optical illusions and the kids all loved it! Their explanations of how he did the tricks was hilarious! His messages were packed full of scripture and they definitely pricked my heart as well as the kids hearts. After morning chapel he would come in dressed as different Bible characters. It was awesome because the kids attention spans would wane during the sermons but when he came back dressed as a Bible character and told them that persons story, their eyes were totally glued on him the entire time.I had a lot of fun with Kristen this week too, she is too young to be an official camper so she gets to be an unofficial counselor. :) We made lots of popsicle trips. She cracks me up, one time when the kids were all at recreation time and it was just her and I she said, "Isn't it nice without all the kids around and its just me and you, its so much quieter." lol. During pool time Kenley was kicking me really hard so I put Kristen's hand on my belly and Kenley kicked her right away! Here reaction was so precious! She was so excited and hoped over to Melissa to tell her all about it! Here we are with our popsicles. :)I also got to spend a lot of time with Melissa and get to know her better. She is such an example to me of a great Christian mother. While we were at camp we realized how similar our salvation testimonies were. It really was such a treat getting to spend time with her. I love all of the Goodfellows so much!

The last night of camp I got to pray with one of the girls from our Church and she got saved. It was awesome. God was definitely working in all of the kids hearts this week. He is such and awesome God!!! This is Makayla right after she got saved. Please pray for her, she attends our AWANA program but is not from a Christian home.
Our kids were all really good, there was a few kids from the other churches that were "too cool", watching them seriously made me want to write a letter to EVERY teacher, camp counselor, and youth worker that I have ever had and tell them how sorry I am that I acted like that!!! So if you were ever one of those people for me, THANK YOU for putting up with me!!!!

Here is the group picture of all three churches together.
I cant wait to get the opportunity to go back to camp! I am so thankful that God made it so that I could go. I am already planning for next year!!

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Sandy said...

So glad you had a great time at junior camp, also glad you did not go into labor out there!