Thursday, June 4, 2009

So my doctor quit on me!! I am not going to take it personal though! I am a little bummed though because she was the only female and now the remainder of my appointments will be with the various other male doctors :(

In other medical news.... Did you know that my sister broke her arm on Tuesday? My mom text messaged me a photo of her at the doctors office. The pre-cast thing they had her wrapped up in went from her fingertips to her shoulder. Poor thing! She should be getting her "real" cast on soon.

Pray for her to make a fast recovery so that she can hold Kenley when she comes to visit! I cant imagine it would be fun to be on a plane for 7 hours with a gigantic cast on your arm either.

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Steph said...

I am sorry for your sister! I don't know about broken arms, but 24 hours of flying over two days with a broken foot is the pits! She should be able to hold her one-armed & sitting down, though! A pillow would help!