Bad Blogger...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I know, sorry I have been such a slow poster lately.

I changed up the colors of the blog, I thought I would brighten it up for summer. I have a great idea for a new blog header too! But it has to wait until Kenley is on the outside. :) So this one of my plum tree is just temporary.

Speaking of my plum tree, it has yet to give me any fruit. I am wondering what is wrong with it, I thought that it was about this time last year that it gave us the plums but I might be wrong.

Our really good friends Mike and Rosa's daughter Sam graduated this past Saturday. It was so hot at the graduation, it was in their stadium and the sun was definitely shinning for them. I was sweating buckets, it was so gross that I had to go home and shower before we headed to her graduation party.

In honor of her I made these little graduation cap desserts. I saw them on Bakerella and knew that I had to make them for her. They were a bit of a pain to make because my chocolate covered graham cracker tops wouldn't set, but everyone thought that they were really cute!

Here's some pictures of our dogs because they make me laugh.

I think that Tyson looks like a bat in this picture.
In this one he is just getting sick of me... :)
Sadie wanted some attention too, this was the best one I could get of her. Shes always giving out the high tens.


Emma said...

LOL, your pictures made ME laugh too. :)

Emma said...

and don't worry about being a "slow poster." you've got a lot on your plate right now, momma! not too much longer!

Bekah said...

you know. Jesus would have cursed your plum tree by now for showing signs that it should have fruit but not producing
We just went through that passage in Matthew two weeks ago! Maybe you should try to curse it....oh wait, that's right, you are not Jesus!

Keri Ronk said...

haha Bekah. I was totally thinking that it should be cursed!

Jeremy said...

Actually, I think you need to sit under it for shade while you wait for the neighbors yard to be incinerated, and then it'll be shriveled...