The Carpets are in!!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

What a relief! (Yes it is the exact same color as before) :)

(The roomba may have done the vacuuming) :)

When Brian gets home we can start putting our house back together! I am so excited to have our house back! Unfortunately since the carpet is so thick now our doors dont fit. lol. That thought had never even occurred to me. I dont care though because now we can put everything back where it belongs! So what if we dont have doors for awhile right? :)

Here are some pictures of this crazy week.
Sadie learned how to get on the trampoline all by herself
Tyson is still too chicken :)

And here is pretty much everything we own in our living/dining/kitchen area! Yikes... I am so glad that this is almost over!


Unknown said...

Don't be ashamed of your Roomba!! I LOOOVE MINE!

Anonymous said...

You'll love putting everything back in just like you want it! AND you'll love getting your house back!!!! Very nice!

Keri Ronk said...

I know! I am excited for that part! We are also going to go through EVERYTHING and garage sale a ton of stuff too!