Decking the Halls!

Monday, December 14, 2009

The Halls are Decked! We don't have a Christmas Tree this year. We actually haven't had one since our first Christmas together back in 2006. We will have one next year though no matter what!

Here is a little tour of our Christmas decor {Sorry that some of the pictures are blurry! I took most of them last night}
I made 2 Ornament Wreaths with Dollar Tree Ornaments! I absolutely love how they turned out but I think that this might have been the most frustrating project ever! It was like a puzzle trying to get the colors and sizes of ornaments to look right! If you want to make one click here.
A few years ago Grandma Marcy got me this cute stocking from Eddie Bauer. I took some branches from The Payne's Christmas tree and stuck them in there with a few berry picks and then I hung a little felt cardinal ornament on there. It smells all pine-y which I love! The Stockings are hung by the fire! :) For the stockings, I took cream colored sweaters from Goodwill and flipped them inside out and then took a sharpie and drew a stocking shape and then just stitched over the sharpie cut around the part that was sewn and then flipped them back to right side out! Super Easy Stockings! I like them but they would look much better on a different color wall so that they wouldn't blend in so much. I took some of the leftover dollar store ornaments and made this swag for above the window in the kitchen! I love it but I dropped the stupid thing twice while I was trying to hang it. Since that window is above the sink it fell into a dirty pot of water.... twice.... I love it though and I am thinking about leaving it up! I wont but I want too! Over our "bar" I have a garland strung with Christmas lights and filled with some of my red glass ornaments and on top of the piano I have some of my gold glass ornaments that I strung with pearls from our wedding so that they would stay clumped together. So that is it for the Ronk households 2009 Christmas Decor. I had plans for wreaths in our room and Kenley's room but I just ran out of time! Next Year!


Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

I just love the swag you made. I think I will have to try this next year. Thanks for the idea.

I love the fireplace, too. So funny!

KMom said...

Wow, everything is so beautiful!! Looks like they are pictures from a magazine :)

Sandy said...

Looks nice,Keri, I like the swag over the sink too.

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

Your ornament swag is spotlighted on NewlyWoodwards today. =)