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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sorry about the lack of posts. I could make up some excuse as to why I have been so boring but instead I will just say sorry and I will do better!

I had a great time yesterday with Rosa I will post about our adventure tomorrow so that you can see the photos :) Last night I went over to Rosa's and I made my Southwest Soup with Homemade Chips, they LOVED it! Squeal! I love when people love my food :)

Speaking of food, I started a recipe blog. It is nothing special yet but I wanted a place where I could keep track of how I make things because sometimes I will throw stuff together and it tastes great but then I try to make it again and I forgot how I made it. Check it out!

In Kenley news:
She has been super clingy today, the kind of clingy where if she cant see me at all times she screams her head off. I am wondering if she is upset because Brian has been gone and maybe she is worried that I might leave too? I realize she is only 4 months but I think babies can sense things.... can't they?

Oh yeah,
Brian is in Baltimore. He is loading up a ship or something like that. I am not exactly sure about the details :) Don't feel bad for him though, I hear the ship has a self serve soft serve ice cream machine. I think he will do just fine :) He will make it back just in time for our Church's Christmas Cantata!

Speaking of the Cantata...

You are cordially invited to...
December 12th and 13th
Pleasant Acres Church
New Bern, NC

Brian will be playing Cassius, I will be playing Mary, and Kenley will be playing baby Jesus. Pray for us! Hopefully Kenley will be her sweet content self :) Hopefully!!!

Really though, I am very excited about this years Cantata. We had a rehearsal tonight and some of the parts made me tear up! It gives us such a reminder of why we really celebrate Christmas! Please come and see it! I would love it and I think you will too!

Well I think that is enough randomness for one night :)


KMom said...

Sounds fun, I will see if I can make it. Terri you want to ride with me? :) Can't wait to see you guys!!!!! It's so close!!

Emma said...

Oh how I wish I could be there for the Cantata! Enjoy yourselves! Miss you!

Unknown said...

Great Blog, Looking forward to seeing you guys. GT