December Goals

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

November Goals Recap
I accomplished all but one of my goals for November! The only thing that I didn't get accomplished was my sweater project. Brian will be going on a trip to Baltimore soon though so I will have plenty of time to get those finished. We also painted our main living area! I love how the color turned out! I still have some Christmas decorations to put up and then I will post pictures of how it looks!

1. Wash and Box up Maternity Clothes
2. Wash and Box up Brian's Desert Cammies
3. Paint my toes for the Ball
4. Make Sweater Project
5. Get Kenley's room under control
6. Wash couches
7. Make Ornament Wreath
8. Get Office under control
9. Make Chalkboard paint project
10. List stuff on Craigslist
11. Clean out Fridge

December Goals
I am going to go easy on the goals this month since we will only be home for a short time. I will post about the presents after they have been given to their recipients.

1. Finish Sweater Project
2. Pack Early
3. Clean out fridge again before trip
4. Paint Ceiling
5. Make presents for family members
6. Make appointment to get Sadie groomed
7. Clean house before trip
8. Buy filters for my Roomba
9. Send out Christmas Cards

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Unknown said...

Good Job on your Goals. Don't forget to put plastic over the couch when you spray the stuff I got you for the ceiling, It has bleach in it.