Christmas Canata

Monday, December 14, 2009

We had a very busy weekend! The Christmas Cantata went so well! Kenley was a bit fussy the first night because I was trying to hold her like a baby (she hates that) but she was happy again once I handed her off to Rosa and then Rosa handed her off to Brian. She did great the second night though! Somehow she managed to squeal just before Gary said the line "an infant's cry" it was great. Yesterday after the morning service we got to have lunch with Jim, Jenny, and David who came up for the Cantata, which was a special treat!

I love my Pleasant Acres Family so much! I am really sad that we will be missing the Candlelight Service and Christmas with the Preacher!

I better go get everything packed up for our trip to Washington! Please pray for a safe flight and a happy baby! :)

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Sandy said...

We really enjoyed the cantata, Gary did an excellent job and so did all the actors/singers, especially the baby Jesus!