4 Month Check-up 12-10-2009

Thursday, December 10, 2009

For some reason the drive to the doctor makes Kenley spit up buckets full all over herself and the car seat. Kenley did great at her doctors appointment though. The Nurse Practitioner who we saw said that she wished every baby was as calm as Kenley. Kenley weighs in at 11lbs 12oz which is only in the 6th percentile for babies her age, they said it wasn't a big deal at this point but they will re-evaluate at the next appointment to make sure she is still growing okay. She is 24 inches long which puts her in the 27th percentile and her head circumference is just over 16 inches which puts her in the 39th percentile. So basically my baby is small :). I was told that we could start solids with her but I will probably wait until she is about 6 months old. She gave the corpsman a very dirty look when he gave her the shots, it was priceless I wish I could have captured it on camera! This time Mommy didn't pass out during the shots so that is an improvement!


KMom said...

Awe!!!! She is so beautiful!! You were small too, in the 5th persential. so looks like she is following her Mama :) I waited till you girls were 6 months too for solids, and added foods slowly, I think helps with less allergies. I put spirulina in your rice and it was so funny watching you eat this green stuff and you liked it :) X O

Anonymous said...

She is very beautiful! I started all 3 of my kids early with solids...actually was my moms idea. Looking forward to meeting you when visit your mom. Christina