Christmas 2009 Pictures

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Kenley's first plane ride!
Christmas Eve w/ the Blecken Side!
Isn't my Mom so cute!
Yes, She is sort of dressed like an elf :) Thanks to the cute vest that Grandpa and Grandma Marcy got for her!
Four Generations!
I scored this awesome BROKEN Poodle ornament in the Wide Elephant! Thanks Aunt Kim! These awesome tank tops are courtesy of Aunt Kris...
Yes, I really am that much shorter than Kimbe
Kenley has figured out how to stand! Now she just needs to learn balance! Our Nephews Conner and James! Christmas Morning @ John and Amy's!
Yes, Moose is totally biting Brian's hand :)

Christmas Day @ Grandpa and Grandma Ford's Christmas Morning with Grandpa Hiegel
Flight Home! The Seasoned Traveler chillin in her own seat!
We had a great trip! The 2 weeks went by so fast! As you can tell by the curled hair in many of the pictures Kimberly played my stylist for the trip! It was so fun to have my hair curled and get all dolled up everyday! I am going to miss that! So is Brian :) It was so great to finally meet Baby James! Amy put pictures of that on her blog... mine weren't so flattering :). I am so excited that James and Kenley will get to grow up together! (At least for 4 years)! We are so excited to move to Washington!


KMom said...

Very nice pictures :) It was so fun to get to spend time with you guys. Kenley is such a happy little baby! Thanx to her parents :) Much Love, KMom aka Grammy :)

Kimbe said...

You look so cute in ALL of these pictures! Love you!

Anonymous said...

Very cute pictures. I was glad I got to meet you when you were all here. Kenly is adorable. Christina