Back to "Normal"

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Today ends our vacation time. Brian is back at work and I am supposed to be back to cleaning and laundry... Don't worry I will get to it before he gets home. :)

Since we know that we will be moving fairly soon we are in a total clear it out and clean it up mode. The floors in our laundry room and master bath are begging to be tiled so we headed to the Habitat for Humanity store yesterday to see if they had any tile that we liked. Nothing really stood out to us there except for this:

Amy, I almost bought it for you so that your other "bunny" could have a baby but Brian wouldn't let me "waste" the $3 :)

After Habitat we headed to Michael's, Ross, TJ Maxx, Walmart, Starbucks, and another thrift store because if you are in the area, Why not??

Christmas picks were 80% off at Michael's so I bought 47 of them. Yes, I may have been a little over zealous BUT next Christmas will be our first married Christmas where we stay at our own house so I am going all out!

At the thrift shop I found a boppy pillow in really great condition with one of the nice minky covers for only $3.50 so I scooped that up and while I was checking out the kids toy section I heard the boss lady telling a worker that the doll house had been sitting there forever so just to throw it away. It is the same doll house that I had growing up so I went up to the lady and offered her a penny for it. She agreed and when she rang me up she didn't even charge me a penny! So I have a free doll house now! It is in pretty shabby condition but really just needs to be cleaned but I want to paint it bright fun colors too!

If you need any storage bins, Walmart has some on sale for $3.40. We stocked up on those. I have just been informed by my friend Christy that the fabric dept. in the New Bern Walmart is closing so everything is half off!

We finished up the day with ice cream and the movie Up. That movie had many cute parts but overall it was way to sad for me. I cry way to easily. Although I am pretty sure that the dog Doug in that movie is based on our dog Sadie :)


Amy said...

When I saw that picture, I thought you guys actually took my bunny doll home with you!! :)

Emma said...

When are you moving?

KMom said...

Glad to hear you are getting back to 'normal' Looks like you got some good deals :) We still need to take the tree down! Than I can try for some 'normal' ha ha Love you Miss you !!!!

Terri said...

I thought you took Amy's bunny, too! I almost ran upstairs to check! I know other things have the massage cushion that you bought us for Christmas one year (Brian!)

Sandy said...

Speaking of good deals, I got one for you! Maybe we can meet soon and I can give it to you....