Furniture Finds!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

We scored some awesome finds yesterday at the Helping Hands Closing sale. I am really bummed that Helping Hands is closing because it was my favorite thrift store and it definitely had the best prices in town.

First I saw this big coffee table and it immediately made me think of the coffee table that Lindsay @ Living with Lindsay made. This huge piece was only $40. I plan to totally copy her table :)
Here is what Lindsay's gorgeous coffee table looks like.

Then, while I had Brian lugging the coffee table out to the car, I ran across this table. It was only $15 dollars and its solid wood! I have actually really been wanting to get a round table for our "dining room" because I think it will make that area appear larger and therefore our house more sell-able :)

My plans are to paint the table black and then distress it! We already have almost everything primed and we are just waiting for it to dry!


Terri said...

Awesome! I love the coffee table change. When I first saw it I thought.....interesting! But the white one is awesome! What an eye!
Round tables always seat more, which is nice. I can't believe you've already started the projects! You two crack me up.....and I love it!

KMom said...

I was surprised at what a coat of paint can do too. The white one is nice, but put bumpers on the corners for Kenley :) The kitchen table is nice too. You can cut those down to make a round coffee table too :) (get it?) X O
And loved the pictures of little Kenley with the tiaras :)

Sandy said...

So is Helping Hands totally closed now? I actually thought they had closed for good back in Dec.

AmyP. said...

I love pedestal tables - painted it will be very 'up-to-date'. $15 is a great price!

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

Great finds. The table is a steal. We have a very similar table that I painted black and love it.