Kenley eats food!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Since today is Kenley's six month birthday we decided to start her on solids! She absolutely loved it! She was definitely ready to eat. I think that with future children I will start them at five months rather than six because she downed all that cereal! She kept trying to take the spoon from me so that she could try to feed herself. She ate the whole bowl!

I sent a text to some family members telling them that we started Kenley on cereal today. I got a text back from my sister asking what kind. Sarcastic me replied back to her "Trix".... She believed me :) haha I love you Kimbe, I am going to start writing down all of the funny things you say so that I can read them to you when you have kiddos. :)

GRRR... The pictures are so grainy. I accidentally messed with some setting on my camera the other day and now it is not taking good pictures.


Kimberly Hiegel said...

These pictures are sooo cute.
And wow, I'm dumb. haha
I'm glad you had a baby first... hopefully by the time it's my turn I will be smarter (:
I love you!!

Keri Ronk said...

love you more! You are my favorite! You totally made my day!

Sandy said...

Now that she is eating food, I'm sure she'll be packing on the ounces! And the pictures don't look grainy to me.

Christy said...

The Trix comment has me cracking up. Definitely brought a laugh to my day!