For the Fancy Baby

Monday, January 25, 2010

Our Internet was out for a little while this morning so I decided to pull out some of the pearl beads from our wedding and make a fancy paci clip for Kenley.
I double threaded it to hopefully make it extra strong as well as coated the knots with clear nail polish. Hopefully there will not be beads everywhere when Kenley uses it! {Don't worry Dad, she is always supervised when we use paci clips!}

We have made some progress on the furniture front too!
Its pretty hard to see but there is a squirrel between the tire swing and the tree. Sadie was eyeing it for a good five minutes before she decided to pounce :) I still need to get a video of us jumping on the trampoline with Sadie and Tyson! It is so funny because they totally love it! So, does anyone have any other great ideas for me to use up some of the pearl beads from our wedding? I seriously have 3 Ziploc bags full!


Unknown said...

Zipper pulls? Earrings? Bracelet? Your own etsy shop?! :)

Just kidding. I know whatever you do will be fantastic, and I can't wait to see the pics.

Amy said...

I *LOVE* how your internet wasn't working so you decided to find beads, think of a project, find scissors, take the beads out, measure, cut, trim "stuff", divide up the beads, thread them, tie knots, find the clear finger nail polish, paint knots, find a pacifier, probably sanitize the pacifier or something, tie more knots, paint more polish, examine your work, put the beads away, put the polish away, put the scissors away, clean up the rest of the mess, take pictures, and blog. All while probably taking care of a baby, 2 crazy dogs, a messy husband, laundry and dinner. (And most likely thinking of the next project in the process!) xoxo