Doctor Visit

Thursday, January 21, 2010

I took Kenley to the doctor this morning. Kenley was down to 11 lbs 11.8 ounces, So she has lost 3 more ounces since Sunday. Poor Girl! The Doctor told me that it takes babies longer to recover from the stomach flu than adults so that is why she is still throwing up and having diarrhea. There isn't much that we can do for her other than continue trying to feed her and wait. The visiting nurse is going to come out on Monday for a weight check so hopefully she will have gained some weight back by then.


Maryn said...

Glad to hear there will be follow-up on Monday. I hope she starts getting plump very soon. :)

She is still so happy seeming even when sick. What a blessing!

You are both in my prayers.

bean said...

She's so cute! We'll keep praying! I wish you were closer - I have a bunch of Baby-Dophilus that helps clear up the diarrhea faster and gets them back to normal that you could totally have. :( But seriously, she is so cute.