Getting ahead of myself

Thursday, January 14, 2010

I like to day dream. a lot. Here are a few gorgeous projects that I would like to make for Kenley right now!

Sometimes I forget that she is only 5 months :) So obviously this awesome bunk bed from Pottery Barn Kids is out of the question for awhile....I am also pretty much in love with everything that Ana from Knock Off Wood has plans for!

Kenley will need a mailbox that she can use to send out her felt mail supplies

She can go to the grocery store and purchase Pantyhose Potatos, Cake, and various other Felt Foods. I want to make almost everything shown on the blog Playing Food. I also have some ideas of how to make Artichokes and Ritz Crackers and Oreos and the list goes on and on!

Then Kenley could make a run to Starbucks, I certainly have enough Starbucks mugs that I could share some with her! She could also pick up some donuts and then head to the library.
The Library might be my favorite idea because it would be the perfect place to keep all of her books!

Once she finished with all of her errands in town she could head out to her yard and tend t0
A Pickable Garden

Then she can start making dinner in her play kitchen! Lowes used to have plans on their website for how to make a play kitchen similar to the one in Pottery Barn but it looks like they have taken the plans off of their website... Bummer! Click on this link to see an awesome play kitchen that one mom made using the Lowes Plans.

I hope you enjoyed day dreaming with me and checking out all of the awesome links!


KMom said...

There is such cute things on this post! I want to help you make them! Of course she will need the Mocha stand, too cute. You guys are gonna need a pretty big playroom :) X O KMom aka Grammy :)

Andréann said...

Oh!! Thanks for linking to me! That's so nice :) Im sorry I didn't see it earlier... I was surprised I got comments on my playfood blog, which doesn't get much views and so, comments.

:D making felt is lots of fun.. But you got a lot of time ahead of you... For now Mariann who is 18month old, only likes to empty/fill the vedgie back...