My Moment

Saturday, January 16, 2010

You may think that I am crazy since my baby will be 6 months in a few weeks but during all of this time I knew that I was her Mom and I loved her like crazy but I hadn't had my ah-ha moment of wow I am a real Mom yet. Yesterday I had the moment where I realized that I was a Mom.

A Little Back Story:

Brian is required by the Marine Corps to get any vaccine that is available to him. Seriously they pass those shots out like candy. Thursday he got the H1N1 vaccine, He felt fine when he first got home but that quickly escalated into "I am freezing cold and my stomach feels HORRIBLE." So I wrapped him up in some blankets and didn't think much of it.

Then yesterday Kenley woke up happy like she always does but then it hit her too. She was throwing up all over the place. I have no idea how many outfits that she went through, I lost count after I had to wash almost all of the sleepers that she owns, but I know that she made me go through at least 7 outfit changes.

I was sitting with her in the office chair rocking her back and forth, there was nothing I could do for her except hug her, rub her back, and stroke her hair while she threw up all over me. That was the moment that I realized I am a real Mom. She needs me and wants me! It was the most precious moment of cuddling her ever, even if we were both covered in throw up.

I also learned that the good thing about having a sick kid is that they are cuddly! Kenley is not a cuddler so I enjoyed that she wanted to cuddle up with me yesterday!

I thought that she was feeling better today but she just threw up again so I will probably keep her home from church tomorrow just to make sure that she doesn't pass this bug onto anyone else!


Terri said...

I loved that part of "the kids" being sick, too. I loved the cuddling!

bean said...

Me too me too! Especially with my cuddle-hater...she doesn't hate it when she's sick! Yay for cuddles.

Radmacher's R US said...

Great story Keri! You are such a good mom! I cant wait till you guys get back so we can hang out together and exchange stories!!

I had no idea you had a c-section too!! how are you doing now? Do I have anything to look forward to? Im a big fan of your blog! keep it comin!

KMom said...

You were always a cuddler, I loved it :) X O