January Goals

Monday, January 11, 2010

I stunk at doing my goals in December!
December Goals

1. Finish Sweater Project... check
2. Pack Early- Total Fail. I threw everything in my suitcase last minute
3. Clean out fridge again before trip... check
4. Paint Ceiling- Big time Fail.... I NEED to stop putting this off!
5. Make presents for family members- Total Fail... Maybe next year
6. Make appointment to get Sadie groomed- Fail
7. Clean house before trip... check
8. Buy filters for my Roomba... check :) Brian bought them for me for Christmas
9. Send out Christmas Cards... check

I am not going to make new years resolutions this year. I think I do much better on the monthly goal system but I do have a few things that I would like to get accomplished in 2010... Stay tuned for that list but for now here are my January Goals.

January Goals
1. Paint the stupid ceiling already!
2. Do the 30 day shred everyday except Sundays
3. Wear my retainers every night and floss my teeth more often.
4. Buy less pre-packaged-bad-for-you foods
5. Eat healthier breakfasts
6. Put away Christmas decor
7. Take some of Kenley's and my clothes to the consignment shops

Happy January Everyone!

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