10 months old!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Where in the world did this month go? I almost forgot that it was her 10 month birthday! Kenley is getting so big. This month I have really realized that she is so not a newborn anymore.

She is definitely starting to show some attitude. When she gets mad she will throw her head back and arch her back. She still loves to eat cheese and puffs, she has definitely found that some foods are not as good as others. We had a battle of the broccoli today :). Just this week she has learned to point.
She loves it when anyone helps her walk around. Still no crawling yet but I think that is because she knows that she can just roll to get anywhere that she wants. She just pulled herself up for the first time the other day so I guess we need to lower her crib! She loves to hold onto peoples thumbs, if she grabs onto one thumb she has to find the other!
I guess it is time to start planning her birthday party! Her first birthday is coming up so fast!!


Emma said...

YAY for her birthday party! I can't wait! :)

Bekah said...

Hannah didn't crawl until she was one years old. She just wasn't motivated to move at all. But then 3 months later at 15 months she started walking. She'll move when she is ready

bean said...

I love the pink FB poking out there. And the cute baby. :)