Motorcycle Lessons, Garage Sales, and Sugar

Friday, May 7, 2010

Don't let this picture fool you, I was actually moving. Slowly, but enough to make me nervous!
How embarrassing would it be to drop the motorcycle that your husband has owned for 3 weeks.... in your own driveway! Though our neighbors have already seen me walk straight into our garage door so I am pretty sure that they wouldn't be surprised by anything now.

Last night Brian decided that he wanted to give me motorcycle lessons. I was super hesitant but at that point I would have done just about anything to avoid pricing our garage sale stuff. It is a big bike! My feet could barely touch the ground and I could not lift the thing to save my life! Brian had to help push it over off of the kick stand! After about 2 trips up and down our driveway going about .001 miles per hour I was done and my hand was already sore from the clutch! So Brian hoped on and we went for a little spin around the block! It was so fun it reminded me of before we were married and I rode with him on his dad's bike. Sweet memories!

We are having a garage sale tomorrow! If you are local come on over! Feel free to bring stuff that you want to sell too! As I was looking over all of our garage sale stuff I can't believe how much my style has changed in the past 3 years! Also something that has changed is that I bought most of that stuff at full price.... I never do that now!

So you may be wondering if I have eaten sugar.... The answer is yes and no... I have eaten sugar in the form of ketchup and bagels and ranch dressing and yogurt. Sugar is in everything and it is so hard to find options without it! None of those items are dessert though so I am okay with eating them because my real problem is that I eat too many sweets and not enough real food! I have had a tension headache in the back of my head and because of that been a bit grumpy the past few days. I cant believe what an impact sugar has on our bodies!

Did you take the no sugar challenge with me? How is it going for you?


KMom said...

I love the pic of you on the motorcycle! Reminds me of when I had mine, I could barely straddle it too! Fun times :)
Hope you're still in the garage sale mood when you get here, cause I could use alittle help :)
Well, I was gonna give up the candy at work and someone handed me a bit'o'honey and next thing I knew it was in my mouth! Then I remembered so haven't had anymore :) good job and the headaches will pass :)

Sandy said...

You look right at home on that bike, Keri! Or at least like you're having fun ;)