Cradle Cap

Friday, May 21, 2010

Since she was a few weeks old, our sweet Kenley girl has had cradle cap. Its kind of gross and annoying and I had developed the horrible habit of picking it off while she nurses.

There are 2 schools of thought on how to get rid of cradle cap. First, brush the babies head with a soft bristled brush often to get the skin cells to slough off. Second, apply baby oil to the child's head to loosen the skin cells.

I tried the first approach for quite some time and it did not work so I decided to go the second route. Instead of using "baby oil" I used organic extra virgin coconut oil because I prefer to go the natural route whenever possible especially when it comes to sometime I am going to put on Kenley.

Apply a bit of coconut oil to your hands and massage it onto scalp and then let it soak in for 1/2 an hour.
After letting it soak in, rinse with water and shampoo. After getting your child out of the tub place them on their changing pad and comb through their hair with a soft bristled brush. The dead skin cells will be loosened and will be very easy to pick out.

I am not going to lie to you, if your child has a lot of hair it will take 3-4 washes to really get all of the grease out. But it is worth it to be free from cradle cap!

And you can do all sorts of fun things when their hair is greasy...
And then, because you think you are funny, place your child by an electrical socket so that it looks like she was electricuted....

haha I'm wondering why my safest mother of the year award still hasn't arrived yet. :)


KMom said...

Soooo cute!!! I see a senior slide show picture there :) better book mark that one :) Can't wait to see you guys, its getting close!

Jacki said...

funny! coconut oil does wonders to the hair too. It makes hair soft and beautiful

Sandy said...

Oh my, you crack me up! Make sure you show these pictures to Kenley's prom date;)

Emily said...

Oh my gosh I love those pictures ha.

Melissa said...

I love that Hawaiian outfit that she is wearing... Where did you find that?? I miss you all, once you are in Washington you and Kenley should take a military flight on over here!!