Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I feel like such a slacker! Happy Mother's Day!! Better late than never right? I have had an awesome past few days spending lots of family time with Hubs and Kenley.

The garage sale went great! We made just enough to get me an iPhone for Mother's day! I love it!! Anyone else have one and want to play Words with Friends with me? :) I'm hooked!
Here is our Official Mother's Day PictureKenley was actually cuddly with me! I think that she must have known it was a special day because she barely ever wants to cuddle with me! Monday we met with the GI Dr. and Tuesday we met with the Hematologist again. The GI doctor did a cheek swab to check for Celiac disease and a hand x-ray to check her bone density age. We should find those results out toward the end of next week.
(Notice the torture device in the background??? Luckily she didn't have to do that again!)
(Doesn't Daddy look so cute with the butterflies!)

Monday she weighed 13 lbs 10 oz and then Tuesday she weighed 13 lbs 12 oz... So she is gaining!

They still do not know why Kenley's platelet count is elevated but they have ruled out cancer which is a huge praise! Right now they are pretty much saying that they still want to monitor her levels but that she is probably just a small girl! Woooohooo!
Tuesday night Brian took me out on a date! A real one! The Goodfellows watched Kenley and we rode the motorcycle out to Oriental.

Check out the little tiny ferries! They took like tug boats! I am so used to big Washington ferries that these totally surprised me! They max out at 16 cars!
Taking a self portrait on a ferry at night isn't easy. My sweet hubs let me take about 15 tries and this is the best we got... haha
Oriental was such a cute little town! We are already wanting to go back for another date there soon! We ate at M&M's, Brian loved their BBQ Brisket. Their fries are perfect! And.... They have the best hushpuppies I have ever eaten. I usually don't like hushpuppies but these were doughy in the inside and crispy on the outside! Perfect!! I want more.. now!!

What do you think about Hushpuppies? Do you love them? Hate them? Have the perfect recipe that I need to try?


KMom said...

Yes, I was wondering when we would see Mothers day pics, and Brian does look good with butterflies.
Mmmm, and yes, I LOVE hush puppies. Best I ever had was in Alpine, CA, they put jalapenos in them. I tried to make Paula Deens recipe for them and she used gouda cheese, but I have never been good at frying so they didn't turn out. Hope you get it down for when you come home :) X O

Bekah said...

I love Words with Friends as well. What is your contact name? Mine is bwentling

Emily said...

I love those little ferries! We loved taking them from Knotts Island to Currituck up in Northern North Carolina. Ahh it's making me miss the East Coast ha.

Sandy said...

I love hushpuppies! They are addicting, but I try to limit them to about 6..or 7..or 8 per sitting. I don't have recipe, but a lot of restaurants that serve them have their own bagged mix that you can buy.
Glad to hear the good news on Kenley!

Anonymous said...

I love hushpuppies. You need to come to Pembroke, NC where they are the best in NC. We eat them with honey butter so good!!!

*Emily Jones

Emma said...

#1-Happy 1st Mother's Day! It sounds like you had a good one!
#2-I LOVE hushpuppies. I miss getting them from Smithfields in New Bern...YUM!
and last and most importantly #3-PRAISE GOD THAT CANCER IS RULED OUT!!!!!