31 Weeks

Friday, November 19, 2010

This pregnancy has been so different than my pregnancy with Kenley.

I have had lots of cravings, with Kenley I didn't have any but with this baby I definitely have, my main craving this pregnancy has been Applebee's Boneless Buffalo Wings! Yum! We have probably been to Applebee's at least 10 times since moving here so that I can have wings. Typically, I am all about the sweets but lately I have been all about the salty and savory.
I still have 22 more pounds to gain for me to reach my delivery weight with Kenley. That is a lot to gain in 9 weeks but who knows! My belly is definitely bigger than I realize! Just this week I knocked a plate off of the counter because I didn't realize I was so close to it! haha

I think that Kenley is somewhat aware that something is happening, she is not a cuddly child at all but lately she has been wanting a lot more Mommy time. Thursday morning she even cuddled in bed with me for 15 minutes! She is also at a point where she is learning new words, this week she will say bay-bee, lift my shirt up and pat my belly! Its so cute! Though I don't think that she really gets that there is a baby in Mommy's belly because today she was lifting her shirt up and patting her belly and saying bay-bee... haha

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4 Wolfs said...

you look amazing! what a blessing!