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Saturday, November 20, 2010

I love seeing pretty house pictures online and in magazines! Here are a few of my favorites!

I found both of the following images via Living Lucky. I love the colors of the outside of this house the grays, the pop of greens, and the pop of purple... Gorgeous! This picture is definitely going into my future house folder!
This bedroom is gorgeous as well! I am a big fan of white and gray being used together as well as how that gorgeous chandelier that draws your eye to the planked ceiling!
I am LOVING this room that I saw over at Brooklyn Limestone. It was actually part of a halloween party where the theme was a mad scientists house and a tree grew up from his tub. Weird, but how magical does this bathroom look! I adore the branchy "tree" with the Christmas lights on it.
Obviously its not a realistic space but it is so pretty! I couldn't help but include it!
Here are two images from Meg @ Whatever's House. She is great at using tons of color and mixing it all just the right way!

When we have a house with an additional room I definitely want to have a playroom with a big bed in it so that we can all pile into the bed and read bedtime stories.
Meg's Kitchen is definitely my favorite! I love the layout with the huge island and tons of seating around it, but my favorite part is how there is a sitting/living area just off of the kitchen, perfect for entertaining!

Those are a few of my favorites!

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Riviera Brides said...

I love watching pretty house pictures online and in magazines too! The ones you chose are so beautiful. Following you. All the best.