A year in pictures

Sunday, November 21, 2010

As you may have figured out, I {Heart} Cover Button Kits!
We are still trying to figure out the layout for Kenley's bedroom. Her bedroom here is much smaller than in North Carolina and in a few months is going to need to accommodate a toddler bed as well as the crib.

We hadn't hung any pictures yet due to the fact that I rearrange her room almost every week. I really wanted to display her monthly pictures that I took of her first year but I didn't want to be stuck with having to patch up tons of holes when I decided I wanted to move things around again.
My beloved cover button kit came to my rescue! I covered 4 buttons in leftover nursery scrap fabric, then I used e6000 to glue thumb tacks to the back of the buttons once I removed the shanks. I then just tacked up some grosgrain ribbon that matches her bedding and used mini clothes pins to clip on her pictures!
I am really pleased with the outcome! We plan on making Kenley an upholstered toddler bed for Christmas by loosely following these plans from Design*Sponge. We plan on adding a headboard and upholstering it all in a green linen! I cant wait to see the finished product! I am also really excited because I was able to find and purchase 3 more yards of our nursery fabric! Since making Kenley's set last year the fabric has since been discontinued and I was so disappointed. But now I have three more yards to work with!


Jacki said...

love the wall color Keri

4 Wolfs said...

oh Keri I love this! oh cute!