Thursday, November 11, 2010

I am taking sewing lessons from Cheryl Mills and our first assignment is a button-down shirt with a collar. {sidenote: yikes! What did I get myself into?}

I went to our new Joann store and found a pattern that would work for a shirt for Kenley, even with the coupon I paid about $9.

Today we went to Value Village and I insisted on going through every sewing pattern. I am so glad that I did because look what I found!! 2 of the exact same patterns as what I already bought!! For 0.35 cents a piece!!!

It is so worth it to take the time to look!

In none awesome news, I had a water cup spill in my diaper bag and drench my camera :( it is officially out of commission. Thankfully it happened after the ball! We have been planning on getting me a DSLR for Christmas this year anyways but I think I still might shop around for another small point and shoot. Any suggestions?


Laurie said...

I have the cannon rebel, it is a wonderful camera. They have had them on sale at Costco WITH a zoom lens, for a great price. Might still be more than you want to spend but it is a great deal! If you decide on a point and shoot I always recommend the Nikon Cool pix. I know people with them and I have had a couple. They take great pictures and are a good lasting camera. I have tried poloroid and Samsung and Panasonic all of which didn't last long. Technical problems not long after getting them! Ok I will stop now, that's probably way more info than you actually wanted :-)

Saw the bows you and Kimi made. They look great! You should blog about them I would love to see how you made them.

Kimberly Hiegel said...

Personally, I don't like the Nikon Cool Pix at all. Jessica has it and it's really grainy... but I LOVE my cannon.... it takes really good quality pictures and the colors are good and it takes amazing still shots even when the flash is off. Highly recommended(: But yeah... don't go Sony forsure. I liked them when I had them but they both died really easily.
Did you put your camera in rice?