2010 Marine Corps Ball

Saturday, November 6, 2010

November 10th 1775 is the Marine Corps Birthday so every year around this time we get to dress up and celebrate! This year it was held at the Seattle Aquarium which is where our ninth grade banquet was!
{Do you like my photo wall behind us? More on that in another post!}

This years ball for us was so much different than the years past. When Brian was a part of Mals-14 there were around 1500 people at our balls. This year it was a Navy-Marine Corps Ball and was mostly filled with ROTC people and there were only about 225 of us! Most of the traditions were the same but there were a few new-to-us Navy traditions. I think the weirdest part of the whole night for me was that there were only a handful of Marines in Dress Blues everyone else was ROTC and dressed in the Navy dress uniform! It was very easy to spot the Marines! Another thing that was different was that there were only a handful of wives there. I am definitely not used to being one of the most senior wives!
I received a lot of compliments on my dress (Thanks Kimi!) and my necklace. I think its because I was the only pregnant person there so I kind of stuck out if you know what I mean :)! 29 weeks down 11 to go!

Kimbe was nice enough to come up from college to do my hair! I loved it! She really should be a hairstylist because I would have paid big bucks to have my updo done!

(This is what all of our self portraits look like if I take them. :) I forget that Brian is much taller than I am.)

And to end the night with a bang, as we were walking up to our house I slipped on something rolled my ankle and fell completely to the ground landing on my hip. Thankfully I did not land on Claire and also thankfully it did not happen at the ball! I am sure that had the big pregnant lady fallen, I would have been the talk of the unit for many balls to come.

We had a great time and it was definitely my favorite ball so far! Happy 235th Birthday Marine Corps!


Shirley said...

Yall look great, and so happy. Hope all is going well with school for Brian. I know you, Keri, are crafting away. Miss you guys.

Unknown said...

You looked absolutely beautiful! I am so glad my dress worked for you. :)

Amy said...

Cute dress! I'm glad you found one!

Maryn said...

Y'all look great! Happy Birthday Marines!