3rd Time's a Charm

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Well if I'm blogging for Keri, that must mean one thing:

Keri's back in the hospital.

Since this seems to be a recurring thing, I've also fixed this thing so now it shows me as the author, so now there will be no confusion whether or not the post is from me or Keri. You're welcome. I know it was bothering you.

Anyway, at 10:31, Keri texted me saying she was having really bad stomach pains. I thought maybe she was pregnant, but she described the pain as how it was before Claire's birth.

Uh oh...

At 11:05, she texted me saying that her mom was going to go take her to the ER. She was doubled over and in excruciating pain... and so it begins.

I skipped my last class to get to the hospital and Keri wasn't looking great at all. She's on some pain meds and is looking better now, but says she can still feel it. Around 2:30, she went to get a CT scan and the doc just came in with the results. It looks like it's the exact same thing: intestinal blockage with possible adhesion. So they are getting a room ready for us and they're going keep her here for 24 hours to see if it will clear up on its own and if not, they will decide whether or not to do surgery. He did say that if they do surgery, it would be laparascopically.

I'll update again when more news pops up!

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Goodfellows said...

Praying for y'all constantly! We love you, Keri and pray you rest some tonight! Praying for docs to have wisdom! You know I'd be there if possible! Wish I was!