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Sunday, May 8, 2011 a pretty picture that relates to a post about an ileus/bowel obstruction :)

This post is for everyone wondering what in the world is going on with me and my rebellious insides.

Thursday morning I woke up feeling off. I nursed Claire and felt a stomachache that I thought was just strong hunger due to the fact that I had been exercising and burning more kcals.

After I nursed her I knew I needed to eat immediately. I drank a glass of chocolate almond milk and had 2 pieces of toast with peanut butter, banana, and honey. Eating did not make me feel better. It made me feel worse.

I was now pretty much doubled over in pain but I tried taking a shower anyway in hopes that the hot water would help my body relax. It didn't..

The pain felt exactly like the pain that I went to the hospital for so many times during my pregnancy with Claire.

I texted my mom and dad and asked my dad to watch the girls and my mom to take me to the hospital right.this.second.

I think I was only waiting in the ER for less than 5 minutes but it felt like 5 hours. I couldn't sit comfortably so I was standing up doubled over a chair in ridiculous pain and I couldn't stop crying. (I never cry because of pain so this was serious)

The triage nurse couldn't get a temperature on me so I got placed in a bed right away. I can not even describe the pain. The pain was so intense that I couldn't control my breathing which caused my body to go numb and tingly and my hands and feet to cramp up because of lack of oxygen. It was so scary. I honestly thought that I was going to die. I was laying there waiting for God to take me while they ran an EKG on my heart. Even with all the crazy stuff that surrounded Claire's birth I never thought I would die because of it. This time I did.

{I feel really bad that my Mom had to see me like that because I know that she was freaking out on the inside. Sorry Mom! Happy Mother's Day!}

Thankfully the nurse came quickly to give me some Dilauded. Let me tell you, that stuff is my BFF. I could still feel the pain slightly but it dulled it enough that I could breathe and then even sleep.

Shortly after that Brian arrived and then they took me for a CT scan which showed that I had another ileus/bowel obstruction. Apparently bowel obstructions will just be "my thing", they can come on at any time and there is no way to prevent them. The doctors told me that the problem is not on the inside of my intestines but rather on the outside therefore changes in diet would not help with prevention. bummer.

They kept me overnight and my intestines fixed themselves. Yay intestines!

If my bowels wouldn't have improved after 24 hours the doctors would have preformed laparoscopic surgery to fix the obstruction. Thankfully God allowed my body to heal itself this time.

I am home now and I feel back to normal! I am praying that this kind of thing will not happen again any time soon!

So that pretty much brings you up to speed on my craziness!
Feel free to ask me any questions about things that I may have left out!


KMom said...

Happy Mothers Day to you :)
Soooo glad you didn't have to have the surgery
On a positive note, Kimbe came home for the weekend and we had a great Mothers day weekend :)

Emma said...

I thought we agreed no more scary trips like this...?
Love you. You keep reminding me of that. I'm glad you're ok, and YAY intestines!