5 months old!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sweet Claire Baby is 5 months! She is still happy as ever! She discovered her feet this month! It is so cute to see those little hands grabbing those little feet!
She really seems to be so much bigger now! I guess that this month was the turning point where I really don't feel like she is a newborn anymore.
All of her newborn clothes are now packed away.
She has rolled over a few times from front to back but has yet to go from back to front.
She still is not a paci girl, she much prefers her fingers. She is so smiley and giggly especially when her sister is playing with her!
As I said in my previous post, her mohawk is growing out. I loved that mohawk :).
She weaned herself off of the shield and is starting to do quicker feedings!

I love you sweet Claire Louise! You are the perfect addition to our family!

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