Mother's Day 2011 Part 3

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I love handprint and footprint stuff! Next year I plan to make a calendar that has handprints and footprints for each month!

We made our Moms both cards with the girls footprints turned into baby ducks! I think that they turned out so adorable and I know that our Moms did too!

We thought it would be hilarious if Brian gave his Mom a foot print duck too! She laughed so hard! It was great! I highly encourage everyone to make a handprint or footprint for their Mom next year!


Emily said...

That is such a cute idea!! You should have done one as well ha.

Keri Ronk said...

Yeah I should have! I think that my mom was a little jealous that Terri got one and she didn't! I might have to make her a few different ones of me and Kimberly!

Elizabeth said...

I did a whole calendar with my class. I have ideas for using hands and feet for each month!