Hello May

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I have quite a few health related goals for May.

- 30 Day Shred... I haven't done this since last May... Its going to be tough!
- Go walking with a friend at least once a week
- Drink a smoothie every day
- No dairy except for occasional splurges on weekends. If we eat out I almost always end up consuming a little dairy so this goal means we need to eat at home all during the week.
- That leads to cooking more nutritious meals

Other goals for May include

- Going to the Children's museum at least twice
- Making my bed everyday... I am lazy about this but I need to get into the habit again!
- Be consistent in The Word
- Read a book or two
- Take my shower before I get Kenley up.. When I do this I seem to have so much more time in my day

Do you have any goals for May?


Elizabeth said...

Do the shred with you! Finish reading my Dave Ramsey and actually do what it says!

Jacki said...

I love The Shred! It made me lose weight and be strong. I could do the Power 90 program because of it! I crossed off the calendar as I finished each exercise everyday. When I felt lazy, I just take a look at the calendar and drag myself to do it so I can cross it off.

Jenny said...

I agree with the bed making thing AND taking a shower before David gets up, when both kiddos are sleeping, then spending my quiet time with the Lord & a small cup of coffee, what a way to spend the beginning of my day! :)
The exercise thing for me is definitely slow going, I'm starting with walking the dogs and the kids at the same time.