Kenley's 2 year check-up August 2nd 2011

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I took Kenley in for her 2 year check-up!

Despite how the picture looks, she actually did a really good job of cooperating for the Dr. and Assistant!

She got to stand on the big girl scale for the first time!
She weighed in at a hefty 21.8 pounds! That puts her in the 3rd percent! She hasn't had a percentage since she was 4 months old! Way to get a number Kenley!!!!
She also had her height measured the big girl way! Though she wasn't crazy about that! She is 87 cm tall which puts her in the 65th percent for height. We have a tall skinny girl!
Her head circumference was 47.5 cm which is about the 35th percent.

They say that you can double the height that they are when they are two and that should be the height that they are as an adult. If this is true Kenley will be 5' 8.5"?!? Definitely not taking after her Mommy! Did I really do that math right? That seems way tall!


Christy said...

Way to get on the chart Kenley!!! Woohoo!

I know how exciting that can be!

bean said...

lol, she'll be my height and your weight. i'm not sure i can picture that. yay for charting!!! go kenley go!