Thanksgiving in Chelan

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Wednesday after Brian came home from school, we packed up and headed to Lake Chelan to spend Thanksgiving with Grandma and Grandpa Ronk at their condo! It was a very low key Thanksgiving but I think that it was perfect for all of us to just relax a bit!

Kenley really wanted that "grape" (olive) and she took one bite and declared it "a bad one" and that she needed to throw it away. Silly girl!
Claire ate 3 1/2 baked sweet potatoes and loved every bite!
After dinner we decided to head to the pool. Everyone else seemed to have the same idea because it was packed!

Claire hated the pool and death gripped whoever was holding her.
Kenley loved swimming and being tossed back and forth between Grandpa and Daddy! Its pretty funny how they each reacted because Claire LOVES bath/shower time and Kenley HATES it!
We also played a lot of Pinochle, as well as Hearts... How was Hearts Terri? :)On Saturday Grandma and Grandpa headed home and graciously allowed us to stay an extra night! There wasn't much to do because it was so cold so we decided to build a big fort! We weren't sure if Kenley was old enough to "get it" but she was and she LOVED it!!

Okay, Okay, I loved it too!

Inside the fort, Claire decided that she would crawl! She has been so close for such a long time now and she finally went for it!
So now we have a crawler just in time for us to set up the Christmas tree... We will see how that goes!


Emily said...

Low key holiday's are the best :]

Terri said...

Playing fort? How cool is that? Much better than hearts! lol

Jenny said...

Yay Claire! I am nervous about putting up our Christmas tree too. We pick it out on Friday, we'll see what Aiden thinks :)I think he'll attack it!