Kenley's 3rd Mermaid Birthday Party!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Kenley's 3rd birthday party was a success! Birthday parties are my favorite! I really love planning them and have been pinning mermaid party ideas for the past year! 

 We served pearl oreo truffles, goldfish, a fruit pirate ship, cake, and these sandwiches which were super yummy! 
I have a wonderful wonderful husband. I cut a bunch of table cloths into strips and he stapled them all to the ceiling of the porch for me. He is awesome. (He did a ton of other prep work for the party but I am pretty sure that the stapling was the most annoying of his tasks!) 

I really really love how the ceiling turned out! I looks exactly how I wanted it too!

My mom cut the watermelon to look like a pirate ship! 
Shipwreck cove... aka the boat turned sandbox! It was a hit with all of the kids and I am sure that the girls will both love playing with it for the rest of the summer!

 We found this awesome play kitchen on craigslist for a great deal! It happened to be in Tacoma where my Aunt and Cousins live so they were able to pick it up and bring it here for us! Thanks again Aunt Kris and Nicole! 

 CLo chilling with Grandpa
I used some aquarium coral for the cake topper! 

 I'm so glad that he was able to be here this year! 

 She's 3!! 
 Kenley and Claire are blessed to have 2 sets of Great-Grandparents still living! Brian's grandparents were able to make it to the party! 

 Kenley with Papa Bob and Granny Brenda
 Kenley with Grandma and Grandpa Ronk
 Finally a smile...
 The kids! 
The Ronk kids, Peters kids, and Carruthers kids

It was a great party! I am so thankful for Brian, My Dad, My Mom, Kimberly, and Lauren's help getting everything set up and ready! Thanks guys! 

Now... What should her 4th birthday party theme be? Decisions, decisions... :) 


Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

This party turned out so well! I love all te details. Te ceiling looks so cool and the cake is awesome. And the boat sandbox? Awesome! GreT job! What a special day.

Emily said...

Awesome job on the party! That little kitchen is so cute!!

Terri said...

I have an awesome daughter-in-law!

Terri said...

I have an awesome daughter-in-law!

Terri said...

I have an awesome daughter-in-law!

Terri said...

Too funny! I couldn't get the "prove you're not a robot" phrase typed correctly, and evidently I didn't need it since it posted all three times. I guess I really mean it! lol

KMom said...

It was a great party! Now I look forward to what you come up with for Lil Mini :)

and Terri has an awesome daughter-in-law

and I have an awesome son-in-law :)