What a week...

Sunday, August 26, 2012

You may remember that my week did not get off to a great start. However, we ended up having a super fun whirlwind week! 

Fred and Terri took their older grandkids over to Lake Chelan for the week and they were kind enough to invite us over for a few days! At first I was a little nervous to go but I figured that I could lay around on medicine over there just as well as I could here. 

Our nieces and nephew all live in Vancouver, so we only get to see them a few times a year. We really enjoyed getting to spend some "extra" time with them! For whatever reason Kenley started calling them her "new cousins" which was hilarious! When we were leaving she started crying and said "But I really loved my new cousins". 

It was so fun to watch all of the cousins interacting! I definitely wish that we all lived closer! 

Here are some pictures from our week.....  

This picture has nothing to do with our trip but it makes me laugh so I had to throw it in... 

We're finally here! 

"Hi Gracen, I miss you"

Claire was drama the WHOLE trip. She is so strong willed. It was rough. She was basically COMPLETELY obsessed with me and would cry and whine constantly if I wasn't holding her but then when I would hold her I never seemed to do it the right way.... It was frustrating and pathetic and now looking back on it kind of hilarious because of how ridiculous she was. Ah, perspective :) 

I made a smoothie with some leftover kombucha fruit that I didn't want to go to waste. I'm glad that I tried it because it was fantastic! I'll do a post on kombucha soon! We love it! 

We snuck off for a date to our favorite place. It wasn't as great as last time (due to a few service mishaps and chillier weather) but the pizza was still fantastic! I really need to recreate that pizza at home....I might even use white flour to make the crust.... Walking on the wild side! 
He is a dork but I really really love him. 

Snuggles while watching Cars.... Gramma's FAVORITE movie :) 

Worn out! We celebrated Grandpa's birthday while we were over there too! Happy Birthday Fred!! 


On the way home we stopped at this super yummy BBQ place in Cashmere. Brian loves pulled pork sandwiches so I knew he needed to try these ones! If you are passing through Cashmere, forget about the Aplets & Cotlets (who eats those anyway?) and stop here! 

drama for days

Back home to the daily grind... and grocery shopping in style :) 

It's Halloween candy time! I am not a big candy person but I do love these {horrible ingredient} orange marshmallow pumpkins! I couldn't find any last year so I was a little overzealous and bought 6.... I promise to space them out and make them last until Halloween.... probably.... maybe :) 

What was your favorite part of this past week? 

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Goodfellows said...

the pic of Mr. Fred and Kenley sleeping is precious and the one where you are trying to get one with all the kids w/ Claire's head stuck in the ground is HILARIOUS! ;-)