A New Tradition

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

We have started a new tradition for our kiddos that I think is super fun! On their birthdays we fill the living room with balloons and they get to wake up to play with them! It was such a fun surprise for Kenley! 

Claire actually had a rough night of teething the night before and ended up sleeping on top of me (in the most awkward/uncomfortable -for me- positions ever!) which meant that she woke up very early when Brian left for school so she got to play with the balloons before Kenley saw them. 

Since Claire wasn't in the room to wake Kenley up she ended up sleeping in until 9:20! I was so anxious to see her and for her to see the balloons that I almost went in and woke her up earlier, but I would want to sleep in on my birthday so I let her sleep. :) 

She loved it!

(And still loves it because 2 days later the balloons are still in the living room and probably will be until the party!) 

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Emily said...

I think you should come and fill my house with balloons on my next birthday ;] ha