Kenley's Birthday Dinner

Friday, August 3, 2012

For Kenley's birthday dinner we decided to head to Alfy's for pizza! We mainly chose Alfy's because we knew that the place would be pretty empty since it was a Monday night. Claire hasn't been doing well in restaurants lately so I wanted to choose somewhere where I wouldn't have to stress out when Claire cried! 

Grandpa and Gramma Ronk joined us for dinner too! 

Thanks for the play kitchen toys and pink fluffy dress Gramma and Grandpa! 

We got her a broom and dust pan.... :) I'm all for making playtime secretly chore time! And she loves it! 

She's 3! 

This is what happens in restaurants when Claire is not on my lap... 

This picture of Brian cracks me up. Not only because he is being cheesy but also because of what is showing on the tv screen in the background! Hahaha 

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Emily said...

Love the pictures :]