Kenley's First Day of Pre-Pre School

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Last Spring my friend April told me that she had an idea for starting a little preschool co-op for our kiddos. I am so excited that the start day is finally here! 

We have 4 little students! 





We started off with song time and the little siblings got to stay and sing with us. 

After song time, the littles went off to play with two of the mommies while two of us stayed with the big kids. We are on a rotating schedule so today was April's turn to teach and my turn to be the craft mom. Next week would be my turn to teach but I will be getting my tonsils out. :( 

Learning about the letter A through finger tracing.

Words that start with the letter A... Apple, Ant, Airplane! 

I made some little apple handouts for the kiddos with my silhouette craft cutter. I am so excited that I  have such a great excuse to use my silhouette now! 

Learning the motions to our Bible verse of the week. Romans 3:23 "All have sinned and come short of the glory of God."

For our first craft we made Alligators out of the letter A.

For our second craft we did a hand print apples because I love hand print crafts! Cute little apples with worms coming out of them.

Kenley loved it and can't wait for next week when we learn all about the letter B and day 2 of Creation! 


Steph said...

Oh my gosh!! What a good idea! K seemed to really love it!

And, I can't get over how red Emma's hair is, and what a little poser she is for the camera! What an adorable girl!

Steph said...

Also, love to see that chalkboard going to good use! <3

Maryn said...

Excellent idea! I love that shoes are not required! :)

bean said...


Emily said...

such a great idea!