Weekly Meal Plan 9/24-9/28 and more Crockpot Meals

Monday, September 24, 2012

Brian's Fall quarter starts today! I asked him if I could take a first day of school picture of him but he declined :). Kenley starts pre-pre school on Wednesday, so I will take tons of pictures of her first day!

Weekly Meal Plan 

Monday- Leftover Stephanie's Goulash
Tuesday- Roast Chicken (making chicken broth with bones) 
Wednesday- Southwest Soup (made with leftover roast chicken)
Thursday- Crockpot Lasagna

I have said it before but my goal is to have a crockpot meals planned for Monday's and Wednesday's because I have Titus 2 some Monday's and the pre-pre school will be on Wednesday's. This week it is working out a bit different though because I am due for another crockpot meal prep day. 

I am having my tonsils removed on the 3rd and I have heard that the recovery time for adults is 2-4 weeks so I want to use this week to get really far ahead with freezer meals. Now that we have tried all of the freezer meals I made last month, there are a few things that I will do differently this time.  

Last time I made:

For the Freezer: 
2 bags of Cilantro Lime Chicken with Black Beans and Corn (We liked! I will make again but next time I will add the cilantro at the end of cooking rather than adding to the bags) 
2 bags of Teriyaki Chicken (The sauce was overpowering. I will try these again though with a different brand of teriyaki sauce. Next time I will also,not add the additional sauce on the day of cooking and I will add the pineapple 30 minutes before it's finished cooking) 
2 bags of Healthy Mama BBQ Chicken (We liked this! Next time I will chop the peppers and onion smaller and double the sweet potatoes)
2 bags of Sausage and Peppers  (We didn't like this. I won't be making it again) 
2 bags of Savory Chicken (This was okay but I won't be making it again) 
1 bag of Stephanie's Goulash (I liked it but Brian didn't. If I make it again I will probably make it without meat.) 
1 bag of Newlywed Beef Tips (This was okay but I won't be making it again)
2 bags of Black Beans 

Day of Crockpot meals:
Crockpot French Dip Sandwiches (These super are yummy!)
Shredded Chicken for tacos. (Super yummy! 1 pkg of chicken breasts + 1 jar of good salsa, cook on low 6-8 hours. Shred and use for tacos!) 

*Next time I make all of these meals I will cut all of my veggies smaller especially my onions and peppers much smaller. 

Here is what I plan to make this week: 

A big batch of Chicken Stock with bones from Roast Chicken
A big batch of Black Beans 
4 Lasagnas (I'll post my recipe after I make them!) 
1 bag Ginger Cranberry Pork Roast (From MamaAndBabyLove ecookbook)
1 bag Cumin Cinnamon Beef Stew (From MamaAndBabyLove ecookbook)

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