Pictures from the Gardens

Friday, September 14, 2012

Brian has really taken to gardening. I have really taken to eating the fruits of his labor! We have grand plans for next years garden that include adding a whole new garden just for fruits and pumpkins! 

Here is the future pumpkin patch, strawberry, blueberry, watermelon, and raspberry garden...

A few years ago my Mom planted 2 blueberry bushes and surrounded them with strawberries. They are doing great and it is really fun to go out there for a snack! Kenley loves picking the berries herself! 

This is our current garden

Our spinach isn't doing very well anymore but the kale and lettuce are still doing great! We lost the tomato plants due to blight? Something like that. Our zucchini plant is doing great and produces about one a week which is perfect for us since we all love it and sick of it yet! 

The pumpkins are producing like crazy! They are totally taking over, hence why they are getting moved to the fruit garden next year! 

Has anyone ever made fried squash blossoms? I want to try making some with all of these pumpkin blossoms! 

Hopefully next year the girls can chow down on homegrown watermelon. But for now the store bought stuff will work just fine! 
 Right, Claire? :) 

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Emily said...

What are you guys going to do once you move!? Ha guess that means wherever you end up a big yard is a must? Ha