Saturday, September 1, 2012

My favorite month (other than February, obviously) is here! It seems crazy to me that it is already September 1st but at the same time we had a super full summer and I am ready for fall! I love the crispness in the air that fall brings and the pumpkins, apples, scarves, our anniversary, pumpkin pie spice, I could go on and on... :) 

Now that Fall is {almost} here it is time for me to get back to setting monthly goals! Though my goals are often silly and small, writing them out on the blog really helps me to stick with them. 

September Goals:

  • Floss teeth every night
  • Wear retainers every night... I am already on day 4 and wowza my teeth are still hurting! That is what I get for forgetting about them for a year. 
  • Start planning for Christmas presents.. I know it's early but I would like to be more prepared and purposeful this year! 
  • 1 load of laundry per day! 
  • Make juice every week night so that it is ready the following morning
  • Find a photographer and get family pictures taken
  • Print pictures for the stinkin photo wall! (this one is contingent on us having pictures taken)
  • Be more consistent with reading to the girls... I really like to read but I dislike reading aloud so this is something that is a challenge for me! 
  • 2 Children's museum trips
  • Weekly meal plans! I plan to post these every Sunday night to keep me accountable as well! 
  • Get back to running and fitness classes! 
  • Celebrate an awesome 6 years with my wonderful husband! 
What are your goals for September? What is your favorite month? 

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